The Last of 2016

You know this means I am more than a month behind on 2107.   I decided that I will not try to blog about every quilt in the future and maybe I will do a better job of keeping up.   Margaret; a fellow YHQG  member brought me this quilt for some light custom quilting. She made this quilt from a  kit, the appliqué pieces are  felted wool.


I outlined the appliqué and quilted some whimsical feathers in the border.   I love the neutral colour behind the appliqué, it really worked well.


Alexandra brought me this low volume quilt for some quick edge to edge quilting. A friend visiting with me at the time it was on the machine said, “that quilt is so you”.  I do love a neural palette and have made a number of neutral quilts.  I will admit to thinking I would like  to raid Alexanda’s stash,  but I say that about many quilts that are on my machine.



Forgive me for doing this but I cannot remember who brought me this quilt, if you read this please let me know so I can fill it in.   I am pretty this fabulous modern quilt  is a result of classes given by Berene.   It is quilted with a swirly edge to edge pantograph. **Update, I have just been reminded (thank you Jan)  for reminding me and letting me finish your beautiful modern quilt.


There it is, a year of quits finished!  Thanks for trusting  me with your precious works of art, I really love helping to complete your projects.

Cheers Sandy


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