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I had the best intentions of catching up  on all my 2016 quilts over the Christmas holidays, you know what they say about that.  These are the last few custom quilts from 2016.

Last summer Pat attended a workshop given by Kathy Doughty when she came to Quilts at the Creek.   Gypsy Kisses is one of my favourite quilts by Kathy and as the classroom assistant I got to see what everyone was working on.  I remember seeing Pat working with batiks and thinking I wasn’t sure about that fabric choice, little do I know!  When Pat brought this quilt to my studio I was blown away.  I think it was the background fabric that sealed the deal, by the way the background was hubby approved.  I hung it outside on my neighbours clothesline  so you could get the full effect.


I did stitch in the ditch on the wedges with a very neutral thread colour, probably a grey innvisifil and some simple quilting in the other areas.  I just love this quilt – it is on my bucket list.

Here is one more shot of it in the back yard, a good reason to not put up a fence between our properties.  I hope to see it hanging outside next summer at Quilts at the Creek.


Great job Pat I really enjoyed quilting this quilt.

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