Angela was nervous….

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How do you think I felt?  The very week  I was about to load this quilt, Angela Walters had a very interesting  post on her blog. If a quilting star like Angela was scared then  I was totally intimidated.   Janice brought me this amazing hexagon millefiore quilt. She followed along with Katja  for a year of hexie madness. The interesting part  is that Janice pieced her quilt by machine, no EPP for her.  Her quilt top was perfect,  all those pieces and it lay perfectly flat, a testament to her stitching skills.   Here it is on my design wall waiting for me to device a quilting plan.



I got busy with my “You Doodle” app.  It is helpful for sketching  and recording ideas. This quilt was so busy and because Janice basically worked in one colour family I had a really hard time seeing each rosette.  Often I had to refer to Katja’s instructions and pictures, then I would outline the rosette in masking tape first. Janice and I did a little consulting back and forth with our sketches, but I found it best to doodle each rosette as it was up for quilting.


The most difficult thing about this quilt was coming up with ideas that allowed you to quilt in a continuos line thru a group of identical hexes, often it took longer to come up with the ideas that it took to stitch it out.  Sometimes I came up with a better idea and had to frog a few hexes.  Eventually I just had to trust myself and believe that the quilt police would not be asking  “Why did she stitch it that way?”.

I tried to keep some of the same quilting motifs thru out the entire quilt.

Eight days on my machine!  Only because I couldn’t concentrate for  long periods of time and in all honesty I spent too much time second guessing myself,  was I doing what Jancie wanted, was I taking too long,  would the quilting show up enough, etc etc.  In the end it all worked out perfectly.


Look at all that stitching on the back!   Six weeks later  I am still finding red and orange threads in my house and on my laundry as I folded it. Nothing like doing a downward dog and pulling a great long  red thread  out from under your legging.


The GOOD NEWS  is just yesterday  Janice emailed me to say this quilt was accepted into “The Hexagon Revolution” which will be exhibited at the International Quilt festivals until 2018.

Congratulations Janice you must be so proud!!   I am so pleased that I was chosen to contribute my skills to this project.



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