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Chrystle brought me this quilt top that she made for her mom. She took a workshop with the York Heritage Quilt Guild  to make the centre part.  She did the calculations to add a pieced border and make it bed size.  Here is a picture of half of the quilt top, it is huge!  My dilemma was what to do with all that negative space.


This is the quilt that inspired me to buy an iPad  so I could get the “I Doodle” app.  that I’ve been reading about  on a few quilters blogs and I have been lusting after it for a long time… but would I would not be techy enough to be able to use it?  It turns out that it was very easy to draw quilting designs on your pictures.  Chrystle already had an iPad so she also downloaded the app and we messaged a lot of quilting ideas back and forth.  It was really cool.  It was during those exchanges when the idea started to brew about putting a secondary quilted design on point to break up the negative space.

We finally decided on a version of this.


When I started quilting I discovered it would be too time consuming to measure out and mark all those arcs so I changed the plan and did an echoed swirl background with a touch of pebbles.



It looked amazing when it was finished and Chrystle’s mom loved it.


  1. Wow, great results! I’ve never heard of this app….and I don’t have an ipad..but how great is that to be able to doodle your ideas, and get feedback from the client!


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