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Sue Spargo that is!  I had great plans to catch up on blogging about  all my 2016 quilts during the Christmas holidays,  well you know what they say about plans.  I had the opportunity to quilt a number of Sue Spargo designs over the fall months. These quilts were made by a fellow guild member named June.  She is a big fan of Sue’s block of the month programs and her stitching is amazing. I was blown away by the absolutely perfect  spacing of all the hand stitching.  I wish I had taken more pics so you could see how perfect  it was.  This first quilt is called Bird Dance, each bird has its own unique character.



Each little piece of appliqué was carefully outlined with stitch in the ditch, at times I was forced to hold the foot of my machine to do the outlining one stitch at a time because the wool was so thick  and I  wanted the stitching up as tight as possible.  In my experience  of  quilting the Sue Spargo designs, I  will mention that I wish she was a little more generous with the size of her blocks  –  all I am asking for is a half inch or more so it would be  much  easier to quilt.



This next quilt  “Earth and Twig” is another block of the month.  There was a little more space to quilt on this design, so June and I decided to do some ghost quilting and some partial feathers along the vine.


Here it is still on my machine, check out the backing fabrics.


I hope you can see June’s amazing stitching on these two closeups pictures.  It was a challenge for me to keep my background fills dense and relatively even as I worked thru all those tight spaces.  Can you see the quilted ghost flower beside the rooster in the smaller picture.




June picked up “Full Bloom” just a few days ago, I think I am getting better or at least I am getting faster  at all that dense quilting.  Dare I say that pebbling is growing on me…. not.  I can’t believe I do not have a full picture of it, but these two pics will give you an idea of what we decided to do in the borders.



The next few pics show some of the close-up details. If June displays these at a guild meeting I will have to get some ultra close-ups to show the details of her stitching. I decided partway thru the quilting that I would bring the background fill right up to the appliqué and rather than  echo it first.  I don’t know  which I like better.



I am thrilled that June trusted me with the quilting of these amazing works of art.


  1. Unbelievably beautiful work – the applique and the quilting! Wow wow wow! I do hope June will show these at our 2017 quilt show. Incredible.


  2. June’s applique is absolutely amazing and Sandy your quilting is fantastic. Both are stunningly beautiful. I too hope that June will show these at the quilt show in November.


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