Northcott Silks

As I was cleaning up and organizing  for the New Year I found these pictures on my phone and thought I would share them with you.  It is amazing how technology is changing the way that fabric manufacturers make their samples.   Now-a-days the manufacturer does not have to make the quilt in the typical sense, they send their artwork to be  printed as  a whole cloth quilt. If you look closely at the  picture below you can see that it is one printed piece, there are no seams involved at all!  This saves the manufacturer a lot of time as they do not have to make a quilt sample.


I quilted this for Northcott Silks earlier this year only days before it was shipped off to a large quilt market in the States.  I have been peeking thru magazines every now and again hoping to see it in print.  If you see it please save the pic for me.


There was a little conversing back and forth to decide on the quilting design and then it was my nose to the grindstone till it was finished. I never thought I would miss stitching in the ditch but stitching in a fake ditch is very weird.

Happy New Year Everyone! Thanks for  looking at my pics.






2 responses to “Northcott Silks

  1. Very interesting Sandy. I wonder where Northcott sends their artwork? Could be a business idea in there. Happy new year, Gail

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