Elizabeth is a Busy Lady!

I love the quilts I get from Elizabeth, they are often hand pieced from old stash.   I have a lot of the same fabric in my stash, saved from my very early days of quilting.  Tiny calicos, that remind me of a favourite  pair of shorts I wore when I was knee high to a grasshopper. You find  other quilts made by Elizabeth in this post.  She takes these projects on the road in her many travels.  It is amazing what you can do in “found” time with a little preparation (note to self).  I often find myself running out the door wishing I had some hand work to bring with me.


This quilt is a gift for her friend; someone that is turning 92.  I can just imagine the look on the recipient’s  face when she receives this lovely gift.  We decided to quilt it with a continuos curve, that was all it needed.  For a little extra touch I did a double curve in all the cream diamonds.


This was a lot of fun and a trip down memory lane.


2 responses to “Elizabeth is a Busy Lady!

  1. I really love the pattern, but can not figure it out. Does it have a name? Love the posts, even though I am not on facebook or generally digitally alive. Ann


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