Quilts for Gifts.

Carol showed this denim quilt at guild last month just before shipping it off overseas to a nephew in England or Ireland, I forget which. It is made of old jeans from a Sally Ann type store, I just love that kind of recycling.  Carol put a  flannel backing and choose a 6oz batting to fight off the drafty, damp weather over there.


We quilted it with a large edge to edge  meander using dark grey thread to match the sashing that surrounded all the blocks.  Strangely this quilt reminds me of old movie reels.   I made sure to show it to a friend that teaches kids to sew, thinking this might be an inexpensive project to do with her students.



Dorothy, a friend from Maj came over to my place to arrange the blocks for this kingsize quilt on my design wall.  This would be an  impossible task to do on the floor even with a helpful dog and cat.


We quilted it with a curly edge to edge pantograph of large swirls.  What a fantastic colourful gift she made for her daughter.

I love the variety of quilts that I get in my studio, what a great job I have helping everyone to get their projects finished.





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