Custom Quilting

Custom quilting takes time for many reasons, but mostly because you have to cook up the ideas and let them stew a bit before you put the quilt on the machine.  For me there is nothing worse than thinking of a better designs to stitch on a quilt half way thru the job.  Anne arrived at my home with this king size Dahlia  quilt a few months ago wanting lots of feathers in the background.  It was so large that I do not have a picture of the entire quilt.  The centre alone took a lot of rolling back and forth to work my way around it.


Anne had to do a lot of mathematical wrestling to make this border fit the quilt. It is amazing but with a pieced border, a scant  or a fat 1/4″ seam allowance can easily change the length of a border by a couple of inches.  The border alone took  11 rounds on my machine with all the ditch stitching.


I had the most fun with a large feather meander in the background.


Anne made a modern back for this quilt using large pieces of leftovers.

Great job Anne, your perseverance paid off.


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