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It has been about a  year since I started my blog with a post called Timidly Embracing Technology  because that is exactly how I felt.  It has taken most of that  year to get a little  more  comfortable with blogging  and I have many plans to make it better.  I will admit that  I often have  difficulty finding the time to wear all the hats that are required  in my life. It seems that despite my best laid plans  blogging will just not happen every day, and  really… who  wants to see that much of me anyway?

A small glimpse into my life!


Here is a large stump that was in the way of a new fence that is going to be put across my back yard. It used to be in the back corner till  I single-handedly  chopped it out and pulled it down onto the flagstone patio.  I imagined taking a  selfie of me with the axe over my shoulder and my foot up on it like a conquering lumberjack, but it was impossible to get that pic on my own.

One day this past summer…..


I was going for my walk and this old workbench was in a neighbours garbage, it looked great to me, maybe it could become a kitchen island or something like that.  I continued on my walk, but saw the garbage truck coming  down the street so I decided I had to rescue it immediately.  It was so heavy that I had to move one side at a time, one foot at a time, zig zagging down the street.  I managed to get it a few houses closer to my home wondering what I was getting myself into when the man driving the garbage truck took pity on me and picked it up with the hydraulic arms on his  truck  and delivered it to my driveway.  Since that day it has been cleaned and sanded and now sits in my friends dining room.

Years ago I dragged an old wooden ironing board home from another neighbours garbage, I had a plan for it but it took a moment of “you must make more time for your projects” to get me going.


This summer I sanded and stained and decoupaged it with old vintage pattern pieces and it has become my sofa table.


I love to DIY, recycle, and repurpose, it is the way I was brought up.  Anyone that has listened to my trunk-show knows the same characteristics  also embedded my quilting journey.

A  few more techie things to figure out and  I will be holding a draw for my blog followers, Stay Tuned!



  1. Hi Sandy

    Well. You remind me a lot of me. I have chairs here and at the cottage that I’ve hauled home and recovered. I use that wooden ironing board at the cottage as an ironing board. Too funny. Enjoyed your blog. Jan

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