Grab a cup and catchup!

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I have a lot of quilts to show as I am trying to catchup with older photos.  I finally bought a iPad… so that I could miss a step in the blogging process and eliminate my camera…. I know….. I am way behind in technology.  My plan for the future  is to be so up to date that I blog the day the quilt comes off the machine.  The next few posts will be picture heavy as I try to catch up.

Kathy  C  makes a lot of lap quilts and always has a stash for giving where she finds a need. We decided to quilt a pantograph on top of her beautiful appliqué proving not everything has to be custom quilted.


More of Kathy’s quilts below,  like myself Kathy is attempting to work from stash.

Rita used the “Sew Kind of Wonderful” curved ruler to make this table runner for her dining room.

I have had a lot of grey and yellow baby quilts this past year.  Rita made this one and it has been delivered to  England if I remember correctly.


I would like to say that Gillian can make something from nothing.  No kidding,  Gillian will take your fabric scraps and make beautiful quilts.  This is one that hung at Quilts at the Creek this past July.  Many of the fabrics used in it were donations from her fellow quilters  in a group that started a Cock-a-doodle Quilts many years ago.


Check out the fabrics in this quilt, it has a bit of everything!


Gillian also likes to play with the backs of her quilts. She made a totally reversible quilt with these Oriental fabrics.

I  can safely say the quilters are the greatest people! I love being a part of it all!

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