Better late than never!

A few years ago my stitching group admired a quilt made by Nancy M  while it was hanging at  Quilts at the creek.  We somehow came up with the idea that we should all make one.  The original pattern is made by Becky Goldsmith of “Piece of Cake Designs”.    The quilt below is a picture of Nancy’s  while it is hanging in the show.

Nancy was kind enough to share a container of leftovers from her beautiful quilt with me. I completed all the circle units over the Christmas holidays and quickly sent a picture to the stitching group to taunt them.  Needless to say  life got in the way and my project became a UFO.  The rest of the group got their quilt  finished and hanging in the show. Don’t they look amazing?



When my fellow stitchers ribbed me about my lateness I was forced to remind them that theirs  quilts were finished because I did a lot of last minute quilting.   My quilt however languished,  I tried many different settings on my design wall.

Finally I decided on this,  because I thought of a great way to quilt it, I sewed all the blocks together and still it waited.


I started to see all these secondary quilting designs and  so I reluctantly took it all apart so that I could do a secondary quilting design instead of the one I had planned.  Then it sat for a few more months as I auditioned borders.  One day a customer had this gorgeous fabric on her quilt,  I thought it would work really well on my quilt border.  This is what I ended up with.  Here it is hanging at Quilts at the Creek.


I am happy I waited so long to finish, I wouldn’t have the same quilt if I had done it at the same time as everyone else.     A close up of the quilting details below.



Just a few weeks ago the entire stitching group showed the results at York Heritage Quilt Guild for show and share.


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