A Breath of Fresh Air

Blue and white quilts are like a breath of fresh air! They  really brighten my workroom and remind me of laundry hanging on a clothesline on a bright sunny day.  Often I am tempted to sneak over and use my neighbours clothesline  for photography.  By coincidence  I received two  blue and white quilts at the same time by two ladies with the same name (different spelling).

The first by Cathy D was being gifted to her mother in law.  I quilted it with a large freehand swirl. This quilt was made with stash left over from another blue and white project… amazing!



This second quilt by Kathy C  is also being gifted.  Kathy generously finds recipients that need a little cheer in their life and she provides it with a quilt.  Her quilt is also made entirely from stash and quilted with an edge to edge pantograph called flirtatious.



Thank you for trusting me to work on your quilts, I love seeing them get finished.


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