Tumbling Logs Workshop

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I had the opportunity to do a workshop for the Hamilton Quilters Guild last spring. It was held  in a wonderful old church outside of Hamilton, if I remember correctly it was so far outside I was starting to wonder if I was lost.  Thinking I would be late and not trusting my ability to use my phone navigation I had a moment or two of panic, but I made it.  This is the inside of the old church that the guild rents for their workshops.



The workshop was the  tumbling logs, a paper pieced dimensional quilt.  After a short talk about value doing the work and a review of paper piecing as most of the ladies were very experienced quilters we got right down to work.

This is how some of us checked the value of the fabric.

Some ladies went very bright in their colour choices and others went very scrappy, regardless it’s the value that does the work !


A few of the ladies used very traditional fabric combinations like my quilt.  At one point I placed  someone else’s block on my quilt and it fit in perfectly as if it belonged there.

By the end of the day everyone completed a block or two and had a lot of confidence in their ability to make this beautiful quilt.

diamond log cabin

I loved working with this great group of ladies, almost made me want to move to Hamilton!

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