Quilts At the Creek

For those of you who missed it, I will be doing a few posts about Quilts at the Creek a really  great outdoor quilt show held at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto.


Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession in Australia was our featured quilt artist for 5 days of workshops.  Kathy has an amazing sense of style and a  unique way of mixing colour and pattern.  We were able to hang a  few of her quilts in the show.


This is Kathy in front a quilt of hers, it’s a portrait of her husband!  Below are a few more  of her quilts hanging in the drive shed door.  The large basket quilt has a background of low volume squares and the hexie quilt has a muted grey dot background that ties everything together.


The quilts are hung everywhere in the pioneer village; off of fences posts and buildings, strung between trees, it really is a beautiful sight to see the quilts swinging in the breeze.




I personally am looking forward to seeing some of the quilts made as a result of the workshops.  I feel that Kathy’s influence will help many of the attendees dare to try new things.






It was a pleasure to meet Kathy and if you get the chance to take a workshop with her I highly recommend it.  As workshop organizer I have never had so much positive feedback on a participating quilt artist. Thanks Kathy for a great week!


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