Thinking about Quilts at the Creek

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This week I filled in the forms to hang a few quilts at Quilts at the Creek.  If you have never been to this show it is an event not to be missed.  The quilts look amazing  blowing in the breeze or hanging on the sides of heritage buildings.  I hung this early quilt in my neighbours back yard to get a few pictures before I send it to its forever home.


This is an interwoven nine patch that a friend helped me with early in my quilting journey. At that time I didn’t have a stash  so many of the fabrics used were combinations of both our stashes.


Her colour sense was much brighter than mine, so much brighter that I felt I needed to put the really bright blocks on the back.  I appreciated back art even in the early days of my quilting.

I  decided to start to cull my collection of quilts so I sent this picture to my kids to see if one of them had a fondness for it. There were no takers but they all made a special request for another quilt that they did want….  I will get to work on that!

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