A very close call!

Still behind on my blogging, I have a funny (to me) story to share about this quilt  made by Valerie .  Valerie is the brains behind Quilts at the Creek and this quilt will be hanging there in July.


This quilt was quilted with a pantograph which requires me to stand at the back of the machine.  I was quilting away and slowly watching myself get very low on thread, more and more of the plastic cone was showing, I started to panic, as ordering more thread would mean my machine would be idle for a few days.   Did I have an extra cone… no,  did I have an extra bobbin that I could put on to the top…  yes !  Whew!

Long story short, I finished  the quilt with 34″ of thread to go.  I phoned Valerie the creator of the quilt  to tell her, measuring as I was chatted.  While checking  over the quilt I noticed that I needed to do a small repair on an edge.  Do you think I could find that 34″ of thread…  it was nowhere to be found ( it was probably stuck to my sock but I will never know).  I ended up finding a thread from the end of a row (approx 10″ long) and tying that between something else that I  threaded  onto the machine just to  fix that tiny spot.


Valerie has an amazing collection of interesting fabrics as you can see in this picture. We quilted it with a pantograph called Blowing Wind if memory serves me well. Don’t you just love that thread colour on the white?


You can see this quilt and many more  July 23rd and 24th at Quilts at the Creek.


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