Quilts at the Creek Workshops

Gail took a workshop with  Amy Garrow  last summer at  Quilts at the Creek . It has been a long time in the making  but Gail persevered and brought this very modern quilt to my studio  a few months ago.  This quilt “Icy Waters”  can be found in Amy’s book about modern paper piecing.    I am sorry I do not have a full frontal picture of it.  Note to self; don’t rush the photography. This quilt was custom quilted with a lot of ruler work radiating out in the fractured ice.


As I moved down the quilt and the  “ice ” broke up I started to add swirls in the lighter shades of blue.

Eventually as I got to the bottom of the quilt  I shadow quilted lines of “ice” duplicating  parts of the original block.  If I understood correctly this quilt was made entirely with one block and different placement of  the fabrics.  I found it stressful trying to think of what exactly to do but I loved the result  in the end.  Hopefully Gail will hang it in Quilts at the creek this summer.

Check out the workshops we have scheduled this summer  with Kathy Doughty.



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