Quilts and Maj

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A few years ago  I used to  visit a group of ladies who met every Monday in a local quilt shop.  In time that evolved into joining this group in learning to play Maj, which we have been playing ever since. Rosalie often brings me her quilts when we meet up at maj.  Who says you can’t combine business with pleasure!

Rosalie has been playing with her quick curve ruler in a way that I have not seen before.  She used a very interesting landscape print and co-ordinated  it with other fabrics making a landscape bed quilt.  I am sorry I do not have a full picture.


She  did a cool thing on the back, actually she made this quilt reversible.  This is a great way to use your stash and get two quilts for the price of one. this quilt was quilted with a stars and loops pantograph.

I love it when my customers do interesting backs.  I usually recommend  making the  back details off centre as it is difficult to keep things perfectly square  as the quilt rolls thru the machine.  If you think of holding a novel and curving it to flip thru the pages, the back cover  no longer stays even with the front cover.  The same thing happens when you roll a quilt thru a long arm machine, sometimes backs get longer or quilts get wider.  This problem is solved with asymmetrical details on the back.

Rosalie also gave me this beautiful quilt made with many reproduction fabrics. It is quilted with an all-over swirly pantograph.



See you at Maj soon Rosalie!

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