I am a bad blogger!

Where do people find the time to blog daily? That is what I want to know.  I have enough quilts or quilt related subjects to blog everyday  but seem to have too much going on in my life to actually sit and do it.  Sometimes I think  who really want to know about what I am doing.    Usually I transfer a couple of weeks worth of pictures from my camera to the computer and  sit down for the better part of a day and write 5 or more posts and then post them over a period of time.

This morning as I was going thru my pictures I found this.DSC04966

I know there is a reason I took the picture, but for the life of me I cannot remember why.  It was definitely the floor sweepings after a custom quilt that used many colours of thread.  I would love to offer this to a fibre artist who could use it,  but if the truth be told, there are way too many dust bunnies to pass it on without being totally  embarrassed.   If I was a really dedicated blogger I would know why I have this picture and I would blog more often or at least before I forget who made the quilt I am blogging about.

I hope to catch up soon!  Take care.



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