A Word about Backs

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I would like to talk about quilt backs for a self serving reason.  Most long armers love an extra wide quilt back for the simple fact that once squared, it causes no stress. It will also give the added feature of looking like a whole cloth quilt if the quilt is turned over. The next choice  a long armer loves is a back with a horizontal seam; it doesn’t have to wrap around and around  the rollers  causing slight distortion.

Lately I have  dedicated time to using up  and re-inventing  my stash and I  know I am not alone with that thought.  I started to piece my backs out of many larger stash pieces for several reasons, guilty fabric concience is one and being frugal is the other.


The only reason  a long armer  might not like to receive a back like this is careless  workmanship.  If you square as you go, sew 1/2inch seams and press them open there is no reason why you should not use your stash and save money.  I will show the front of this quilt later —  I am too lazy to import it from my camera at this time.


I love to be creative with my backs and if you have a chance see my trunkshow you will find out exactly what I mean.  My customers are also getting very creative with their quilt backs, throwing in their extra blocks.  Its great you get two quilts for price of one.  I will concentrate a little more when taking pics so you can see what I mean.

Please make your long armer happy and be sure your backs are square without any  tails or jutting pieces.



  1. I have a friend whose quilt backs are typically a work of art all by themselves. I’m ready to be done by that point though so I try to get it in one piece if I can…or 2 pieces with one vertical seam if I can.


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