Pieceful Night Quilters Guild

I was honoured to be asked to do a workshop for the  Pieceful Night Quilter’s Guild  this past Saturday.  This is a small guild that is located in north Toronto.  They must be suffering from stash overload like many of us that have been quilting for some time because they  choose my stash buster workshop.

the last stitch


There  was  a delicious  pot lunch in the middle of the  day so it became a fun social affair. They told me that they do one workshop a year so I was doubly  humbled that they choose mine. I could probably teach this class in 5 minutes as the technique is so simple.  I took the technique and presented a lot of different  ideas on how  to use it, including  ways to  modernize your old stash.


These are  some of the examples that I  made for the workshop. I attempted to modernize my old blue stash with some light solid greys.  In time these will become a modern bar quilt; I will post my progress









Just look at the piles of strips on the tables, everyone buckled down and sewed the day away.

Check out the slide show below, everybody’s finished product  is a reflection of their own stash. Some of the blocks looked “Washed and Worn” while others had a “Bahama” feel to them.   Some participants arranged the fabrics to get a secondary diamond design happening in the corners.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had a great day with all the ladies and hope to see some finished quilts soon.





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