Neutral Challenge

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A number of years ago I organized a neutral challenge. It involved 10 quilters trading blocks every month for one year. At the end of the year each quilter had the same blocks to  arrange as they saw fit, as  all the blocks were  divisible by one and a half inches.  One day I will do a post about the results of that trade.

Judy approached me after seeing the results of the block trade at a guild meeting and asked for the instructions so she could do her own neutral quilt. Judy added a lot of extra blocks to make it fit a queen size bed.  Isn’t it peaceful looking?


She brought it to me last month to have it quilted. I quilted a large freehand swirl in the centre with a variegated thread. There were a lot of seams  to manage and control,  Judy added a lot of one inch squares as fillers between the blocks.



We chose to do angled lines stitched in the border. I am sure by now  Judy is sleeping under this beautiful quilt.




  1. I am looking for a pattern to guide me in doing the same kind of thing. I like the idea of different blocks. Do you have anything available


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