Believe it or not… Crimpoline!

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I remember  a quilt historian came to our guild years ago and showed us some quilts totally made of crimpoline, most people, myself included wanted to gag at the thought of a crimpoline quilt.  We even scoffed at the dollar value that was put on these quilts.  I thought to myself; if I ever see one of these at the Salvation Army  I will invest.   Thankfully I will not be showing you a quilt like that today, but a gorgeous appliqué quilt with a tiny bit of crimpoline.  This is a testament to the times when quilters actually did  “make do”

Brenda a fellow member of YHQG brought me this beautiful appliqué quilt that she put together with blocks made by her mother.  She stored these blocks for many years before finally making them into a quilt top.



How lucky to have enough blocks to make the quilt large enough for the bed sizes of today. Brenda added some very large borders to allow the quilt to hang over the edge of the bed. We choose a very large freehand swirl for the borders and sashing.



Please check out the detail in the individual flowers.  Some of the fabrics were a little thicker than what we use today. I  am guessing that the blocks were made in the 60’s. I even found some fussy cutting for the centres of the flowers.  It is amazing to me that quilters made do with what they had!

I love quilting around appliqué when there is lots of space to do some freehand doodling. A few flowers with a feather and some hearts and its ready to go.  The turquoise flowerer below is the tiny bit of crimpoline used perfectly for the morning glory colour.



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