The Walking Dead

I am so out of touch with the world around me, who knew that there was a  show called “The Walking Dead” not me! Apparently it is popular enough to have a line of fabric developed  for it. My friend Deb who helped me with my first blog  brought this interesting quilt to my studio in December along with another large queen size quilt.  She was under the mistaken impression that we could do two very large quilts in one day.  That might be possible, but only  if the long arm gods are with you  and  my machine did not co-operate that day. It took forever to get the first quilt finished, but  we persevered and loaded the  second quilt.



I love the pattern and the way that Deb bordered some of the blocks with red.  We decided to quilt large freehand swirls over the entire quilt with red thread.


By the end of the evening I felt like the WALKING DEAD and no the quilt did not get finished, we ran out of back fabric.  UGHHHH!  You must double check your measurements  before you come to my studio  and note to self …..  I must double-check your measurements before I load the quilt.  Haste makes waste!

A few weeks later it is finally finished, doesn’t she look happy. Can you see the map fabric that she used for the border and the funky back with all the skulls.   I will have to ask her the name of the quilt pattern and let you know.



I still have not watched the show!


4 responses to “The Walking Dead

  1. Sandy it turned out beautiful! and the recipient loves it! Sorry for the shortcommings but in the end it turned out fantastic. Your patience was well appreciated and I was glad I was able to help you load this monster back up on the frame the second time. I am now on Series 2 of the walking dead fabric.

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