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A few of you know that I applied to be a teacher at Quilt Canada  June 2016   and a quilt of mine was chosen.  I have blogged about it before,  you can find those posts  in the categories at the side of this page, under  Quilt Canada.

This is the quilt that was chosen.  It is made with plaids and stripes and hand quilted with “big stitch” using pearl cotton.

primitive log sized

I took it upon myself to make a more modern version of this quilt, the same techniques but with modern fabrics and a different layout.  If  you join me for this class you will have plenty of time to learn either layout.

I just got the blocks back from my friend who kindly serged them for me. I sent them out to her because I felt I was running out of time.  A small break in my long arm quilting and I managed to have them sewn together on my design wall in no time at all.


You might wonder how I came up with this finished size.   I fell in love with the fabric that I used in the centre of each block when I saw it on a customers quilt.  I immediately called Daryl  of Fabric Spark and she went digging  thru her scrap bags and found me a chunk.  This is what is left  of that piece, not enough for another row.


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