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Happy New Year Everyone!

I decided to start the year with a  beautiful quilt that left my studio a few days ago. Laurel (I love her name because I grew up in a village called Laurel) made this quilt for her lucky grandson.  I hope he will grow to appreciate the time and effort that she put into it.  I had a lot of fun quilting this quilt as  each monster brought a smile to my face.


My pictures do not do the quilt justice.  The workmanship was impeccable.  I showed it to several friends that dropped by my studio and everyone wanted to know the secret of Laurel’s machine appliqué. Every monster was perfectly appliquéd, I outlined every bit of it so I had  close-up look. The monsters teeth were made from two layers stitched and turned  right side out into perfect little teeth.


I outlined and echo quilted each monster and added  a little meander in the bodies of the fat monsters.  The one below is my favourite monster, maybe because it  seems to have a sassy attitude.





Some  ruler work in the borders to complete the quilt!  The pictures do not show the quilting, but there is lots of that back and forth quilting into a sort of flying geese pattern that I stitched using the half square triangles as a guideline.  It shows a little more in the first picture of this post.




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