Quilts at the Creek

My friend Val made this gorgeous quilt to help promote  our guest teacher;  Kathy Doughty who is coming to  Quilts at the Creek   in July 2016.  The quilt is from Kathy’s  workshop on how to use colour. Val  jumped the gun and made the quilt without Kathy’s guidance  and entirely from her stash!



I took one of the last few days of fall to lay the quilt out  on the hill in my back yard.  My photograph skills do  not do  it justice.


 Val seems to have an immense stash to have the quilt be so co-ordinated.
I had a lot of fun quilting it,  I got to practice a bit of Angela Walter’s swirls in the  background and straight lines in the coloured diamonds.
My favourite  fabric in the neutral background had a bunch of pencils.  The text in one of the pencils  caught my eye, it was a theme I was raised on “Make do and Mend”    How cute, something we do not practice enough of in this day and age.

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